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The Beer Alliance of Texas

Trade association representing beer distributors from the Texas coastal region to the panhandle.

Promoting Responsibility

The Beer Alliance of Texas works to educate consumers about excessive consumption of malt beverage products. As responsible corporate citizens, beer distributors and manufacturers are extensively involved with campaigns to promote the responsible consumption of alcohol. Below are sites that provide further information regarding several of the programs our members have created, fund and support.

Amongst these initiatives, consumers of malt beverages should be vigilant of drinking and driving and presenting false identification. We prioritize programs in regards to educating the youth on underage drinking. We work with and support local law enforcement, parents, distributors, retailers, community groups and industry associations to help prevent underage access to alcohol.

According to research conducted by the federal government and academic institutions, there has been a significant decline in drunk-driving fatalities and underage drinking over the past three decades. These successes are encouraging but more work still remains. We support programs to decrease drunk driving and assist our customers in choosing safe alternatives to drunk driving.