The Beer Alliance of Texas

Trade association representing beer distributors from the Texas coastal region to the panhandle.

Three-tier System in Texas

beer barrel

One U.S. Beer Barrel

is equivalent to...

330.666 12 oz. Beers

1 Case 24 12 oz. Beers

Members of The Beer Alliance of Texas support and are fully compliant with the long established Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission's three-tier brewing, distribution and retail regulatory system. This system regulates the distribution of alcohol through three independent tiers; producers, distributors and retailers. The three-tier system provides for the safe delivery of malt beverages from a manufacturer or supplier to a wholesaler, who in turn delivers to a retailer, who then sells the product to the end consumer. One of the goals of a state-based regulatory system is to create and maintain an orderly marketplace. This system helps establish safe and responsible distribution of alcoholic beverages, stimulates price competition through the promotion of diverse product choice and new product entry, ensures efficient and reliable tax collection efforts in the interest of the state and helps prevent the distribution of alcohol to minors. The three-tier system also ensures the quality of products to end consumers.

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