The Beer Alliance of Texas

Trade association representing beer distributors from the Texas coastal region to the panhandle.

What We Do

The economic impact of beer distributors in Texas is significant. Texas beer distributors are heavily invested in our state. Distributors deliver direct economic benefits to the communities they serve through local investments, quality local jobs, local tax revenue, local business-to-business commerce and support of community events and charitable activities.

"Beer Wholesalers Drive Texas' Economy"

Total Economic Impact of Beer Distributor Operations,
Investment and Community Involvement in 2018

13,970 Total Texans Employed

$943 Million Paid in Wages and Salaries

$1 Billion Total State, Local and Federal Taxes Paid

$8.8 Billion Total Value of Production Resulting from Beer Distributor Business Operations

$3.1 Billion Total State, Local and Federal Taxes Generated in 2014

National Figures

More than 4,820 Breweries in Operation

3,135 Licensed, Independent Beer Distribution Companies

More than $70.2 Billion in Total Economic Impacts

363,531 Total Employed from Beer Distributor Operations, Investment and Citizenship

Sources: National Beer Wholesalers Association and The Beer Institute July 2018 "Beer Serves America" Economic Impact Study;
National Beer Wholesalers Association 2015 Economic Impact Study, "America's Beer Distributors: Fueling Jobs, Generating Economic Growth & Delivering Value to Local Communities"